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The most comfortable summer of Patricia Giraldo

Patricia Giraldo is the co-founder of Fashion Blend. Last may, Patricia visited our headquarters and took part of “Fashion with soul” the event organized before the IV Jornadas de Blogs de Moda in Madrid. A few months later, we share with Patricia her vision about comfort:“Although I live in a big city like Madrid, where distances are big, I try to walk as much as possible. That’s one of the reasons that I appreciate comfortable shoes so much. Plus, feeling good doesn’t mean you can’t... Continue reading

Spanish style: Gala González

Gala Gonzalez is a twenty-something Spanish stylist and creative director based in London. Educated in the London College of Fashion, all the content she shares is created with the goal to “display, share and learn,”. Her daily  photos have catapulted her to the forefront of the bloggerati, sitting next to Gwyneth at fashion shows, hosting huge product launches in Madrid and even designing her own clothing line. Photos, Amlul Continue reading

Dress your soul, take care of your feet

We continue our interview to the Clinica San Román. In today’s post, we talk about five mistakes that every woman should avoid when buying new shoes: 1. Buy shoes with a sole of at least 1-1.5 cm thick, so your feet has a nice grip. 2. If you love ballerinas, be sure to buy them with some sole. It may not affect a normal foot, but if you walk with a sole too thin, you will feel more the impacts on walking. 3. The material... Continue reading

The open country of Woman’s heart

The infographic dates from 1833 to 1842. “A Woman” signed the piece. A heart rules over a territory of feelings. How many types of women there are? Following the mythology, probably thousands. This map of the heart of a woman looks like new, two centuries later. A wild territory where the lovefor the dress, the Platonic affection and the desire to be admired include a district for the love, some hope, common sense and prudence, but also caprice, vanity and a dosis of uncertainty. We... Continue reading

Eugenia Silva’s new book

“Making diet does not mean stop eating but start eating healthy” The Four Seasons of Eugenia Silva. 13 is Eugenia Silva’s favorite number, a number that does not match in year within 12 months and 4 seasons. The Spanish top model loves bracelets, watching Moonrise Kingdom and taking a break at The Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir in Central Park. In order to celebrate the arrival of Spring, today we share with you one of the recipes that Eugenia Silva includes in her book , “A... Continue reading


Our colleague Toñi’s got a baby

Our colleague Toñi’s got a baby. Martin was born yesterday and is a healthy 3,1kg boy. Toñi works at the Wonder’s Export Department and this is her first baby. From here, we want to share this happy news with you and wish all the best to the new family. Continue reading

IV Fashion Blogs Conference

Reme has blue eyes, a bright smile and 20 years of experience of shoemaking. In fact, her post “Small tips for taking care of your Wonders”, is one on the top of visits. Tomorrow, she will be with us on the IV Fashion Blogs Conference taking place in Madrid.   As one of the sponsors of the Conference, we have organized a stand. Come visit us and find out how shoes are making. You will also be able to practice DIY with Lucia Be and the... Continue reading

Wonders presents “Fashion with soul”

What do you like most about the fashion world? Do you believe in those fashion brands that are supporting real women? Which are your favorite fashion bloggers? And furthermore, do you feel the pressure to become a sexy woman, a good partner, good mother, a professional and a happy person? As sponsor of the IV Conference of Fashion Blogs, at Wonders we have organized a nice event. Under the title  “Fashion With Soul”, five women will be sharing their vision about the fashion world and the... Continue reading

Pics from New York

Ruben travels quite a lot. He doesn’t like it a lot, but work is work, life is life and every exit is an entrance somewhere else, so Ruben travels with open eyes and antennas up. Lately, we asked him to send us some of the pictures that he gathers worldwide. These are from New York.                                     Continue reading

Thank you, Vicente

In case he had not become a shoemaker, Vicente would have liked to be a movie star . No kidding. He laughs when he tells us. Today is the last working day of Vicente, the loving husband, father, dear grandfather and expert cooker who has been working with us for 24 years. He started working at the packaging department, until he became the person in charge of the quality shoe department: “Back then, Wonders headquarters were in Alzafares Altos, and we manufactured about 60,000 pairs... Continue reading

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