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Ode to Denim

Do you know where the word “Denim” comes from? Fashionable in today trends, the origins of this contemporary fabric are actually a bit old. In fact, we must travel back and far, -both in time and space – and go to the French city of Nîmes. In the XVI and XVII century the city of Nîmes became an important hub in the textil production. Well known for their jackets, vests and pants, their handcrafted products became very famous, so famous that people were able to... Continue reading

Women Get Real About Swimsuit Shopping

Refinery29 did the experiment. How do get women real about swimsuit shopping? The result sounded as expected: “When I hear the phrase, ‘beach body,’ I mean, I don’t think of me,” explains another women. Refinery29 keeps on: “For a lot of women, the feeling that you (and your body) don’t belong at the beach exists before their feet even touch the sand. More often than not, it begins in swimsuit dressing rooms. Described as everything from a “mild disaster,” to flat-out “torture,” bathing suit shopping is... Continue reading

How to say “I Love you”?

Maia and her boyfriend have been dating for eight years, but they’ve never said “I love you.” For Valentine’s Day, This American Life helped Maia make a video to finally say those words. Made by Bianca Giaever and This American Life, the story is simply wonderful. And you, How do you like to say “I love you”? Continue reading

After Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman became trending topic on Twitter. I looked at her face on the mobile screen and and thought:  mmm, it’s true, she was looking better on Pulp Fiction. It took me a while to realize that there were twenty years in between. Ops. Furthermore, one day later it appeared that the effect was due to make up: “I think that nobody liked my makeup.”  The spark of life It’s just the way life goes, seriously. Everything gives way and nothing stays fixed. My friends who are... Continue reading

Bye Jorge, bye

This post contains sad news, but at Wonders we like sharing with you the stories that make our lives come true, so today we want to talk you about Jorge, the colleage that we lost a week ago. Jorge ran this new web, this blog and much of the digital campaigns that we organize. We started working together in 2012. It was a pleasure to work with him. He was smart, hands on, nice and, the most important, a good guy. Jorge has left us, but... Continue reading

Ana Ponce&Ivo Rovira_O8D9118

Wonders in September

September went on. And we made it. How was your month? Here, at Wonders, September was the begin: fairs, shipments and the brain new course. Like you, probably. For us, September was the month on we sent thousands of Lookbooks to our clients around the wold. By the way, have you already got yours? If not, it must be on its way! September was the month in which we presented our next summer collection in China. We also travelled to Paris. And … Our micro-campaign Heywoman! it’s... Continue reading

Wonders team

The Wonders team grows

Pictured second on the right, Dani is the son of Servando, (first from the right). Both and them, plus Dani’s brother Juanma work at Wonders. Today, Dani’s got a baby. Her name is Daniela, so we are very happy for them. Our best wishes to Daniel, his wife Isa and their little Daniela. Continue reading

La plantilla

A Puntadas & Wonders, an interview to Rosa Escandell

Our team has a new uniform designed by A Puntadas, a social enterprise that helps women at risk of social exclusion.Located near Wonders‘ headquarters at the Industrial Park, we met Rosa Escandell, founder of A Puntadas. During the interview, we discovered that Rosa Escandell is from Alicante but considers herself a citizen of the world. Two names appear in her brilliant career. First is Muhammad Yunus, 2006 Nobel Prize. Escandell worked hand on hand with him for more than three years organizing campaigns to facilitate... Continue reading

Nuestro nuevo uniforme

Back to work

Encarnita is part of the Wonders team since 2005. She has two daughters and a lovely husband. We asked her: What does comfort mean to you? – “To live with my husband and my daghters for lots of years. Comfort means to me also wearing shoes that do not hurt you so you can go as far as you want”. We have returned to work. A fur. A orders. A new Fall / Winter collection that will be released soon. We’re back. Continue reading

The most comfortable summer of Patricia González

Patricia González is the co-founder of Fashion Blend. Last may, Patricia visited our headquarters and took part of “Fashion with soul” the event organized before the IV Jornadas de Blogs de Moda in Madrid. A few months later, we share with Patricia her vision about comfort:“Although I live in a big city like Madrid, where distances are big, I try to walk as much as possible. That’s one of the reasons that I appreciate comfortable shoes so much. Plus, feeling good doesn’t mean you can’t... Continue reading

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