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How to wear Culottes

Culottes are those trousers that look like a midi skirt. The key to wear them with style is to wear the one made in cotton, leather or sheer fabrics. Thanks to  Emporio Armani, Chloé, Proenza Schouler, Victoria Beckham and Alexander Wang, the new proposals are in. Do you like this trend? We like them combined with our Wonder shoes. Sources: Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Elle, Glamour, Grazia, Style.com, Tommy Tom, Vanessa Jackman, Style Du Monde, Collage Vintage, Karlas Closet, Tumblr, Pinterest, Blanca Suarez, Honestyl WTF, Clochet Continue reading

Navy stripes for spring

Navy stripes are a classic. Each spring, within the first sunny days, shops and streets become full of navy stripes. Light colors like beige, other more bold like red or simply styled with simple jeans, you can wear this garment with everything and enhances your look dramatically. The sailor style blends well with the ballerinas, especially with my favorite ones from the new collection, the  Iguana Wonders, available in our e-shop. Continue reading

Creepers Style

The creepers are atypical shoes with a rubber platform. Born 60 years ago, they were created by George Cox. One of the first to bring them into the fashion weeks was Miuccia Prada in her spring-summer 2011 collection. Since then, they have showing up in different models until today. This summer, they are going to be the protagonists of any style, no matter if you wear them with a skirt or pants. We added some street style inspiring looks, so you can make on your... Continue reading

Looks for 2015

Let’s start  the year with ideas to wear the coming weeks and wear our favorite Wonders shoes. 1. Bluncher, our favorite these Wonders. The perfect style to wear a pair of blunchers is with capri pants, sweater and a nice scarf. 2. Bots, our favorite these Wonders. Rocker style, boots with jeans and leather jacket. 3. Loafers, our favorite these Wonders. Loafers are the perfects shoes with everything, dresses, skirts or pants. 4. Ankle boots, our favorite these Wonders. The ankle boots perfect with jeans. 5. Heel booties, our favorite... Continue reading

Wish list

These days, we start thinking about our wish list for 2015, including those things that we’ve always wanted. I already made my favorite wishlist, which includes: 1. The perfect pair of boots, I prefer these Wonders. 2. A bag, a Chanel. 3. A trip to a remote island. 4. A special dress. What are your wishes? I’ll take a couple of Wonders and while’ll wish that my dreams come true. Continue reading

Let it shine

It’s Christmas time. The streets are full of color and happiness fills our hearts. The to-do-list is huge these days, and includes: decorating the house, buying gifts and think about all the events and happy family moments to come. At Christmas we become kind of “shiny people”, because happiness is contagious and a smile, the best dress. However, a little inspiration may never hurt. If I had to choose a pair of shoes for the Christmas time, it would be these Wonders. If I were a... Continue reading

A pair of ballerinas, two styles

Christmas is coming. Cities and houses appear full of lights, colors and details. It’s time to gather and enjoy little moments of happiness. Therefore, we have chosen the perfect ballerinas for these days, red and glitter, our Marilyn ballerinas are perfect for a Christmas look. - Teenager’ Look: For those who want to look fashionable on Christmas. 1. Jeans and glitter shoes. 2. Midi skirts. - A more mature look, less casual. 1.  Long pants with glitter shoes. 2. Long skirts. Pictures via, Imnotonly, Shoe Tease, Macarena Gea. Ballerinas available... Continue reading

The camo trend

The camo trend is the eternal comeback. Seen in XL belts, extra-large pockets and comfortable shoes, its strong character is always a safe bet. Despite its military origins, these must-have have become ultra-sophisticated items for the  daily life batle. In the trenches of your desk or either at home, to march with the army of your friends or to resist a night out as a victorious warrior, your best allies will be a pair of Wonders boots … And remember! Camouflage yeah, camouflaged not! Do... Continue reading

Veronika Heilbrunner’s style

Veronika Heilbrunner’s style is a delightful cocktail of relaxed femininity, subtle sexuality and playful athleticism. She is the Style editor at Harper’s Bazaar Germany. It’s never a surprise to spot her in the latest designer’s look, dressed with a pair of trainers or combat boots. And while her outfits are altogether inspiring, her execution leaves a feeling of completely effortless and attainabl elegance. She would wear a pair of Wonders, she will choose these. Continue reading

Biker Girl

“With four pairs of shoes I can go around the world” Coco Chanel Comfortable and fashionable are the booties of our latest collection called #nowyouzipme. Zippers and small details will give you a touch of rock and roll. A biker style jacket and a pair of booties in  black leather with wild textures are the perfect combination. Try it during the day for work with pants and a bsic shirt or during the evening with a dress. Here you are some tips to getteh perfect biker... Continue reading

A pair of shoes, two styles

The new collection includes beautiful  boots for this Fall / Winter, zipper and fur faux classic boots, both flat or heeled. What is your favorite style? - Teenager’ Look: For those who want to look fashionable. 1. Jeans, boots and oversize jumpers. 2. Short denim or skirts. - A more mature look, less casual. 1. Long pants with shirts and trenches. 2. Midi skirts or midi dresses. Do you want to see our brand new collection? Click the picture below or enter here. Continue reading

Now you zip me

A zipper unites his ankle to the brand new Monday. Gone are the weekend, the family dinner, the long sleep and an afternoon with the kids outside. The cold has come, finally. The cold also brought the lipbalm, the cap in the bag, the tights and your favorite boots. Fresh from a red box that contains something sweeter than chocolate, she likes the smell of leather, the suede feeling, the pore. There is something sexy indeed in the art of dressing, specially when it’s new.... Continue reading

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