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Sandals for two styles

The flatforms have become in the summer shoes, no matter the time of day or the look. We have the perfect model Wonders and you can buy on our website, here. Copy looks to use your Wonders at any time of day. – Looks for the day with flatforms, with dresses and skirts. – Looks for the night with flatforms, with trousers or jeans. Continue reading


DIY-Green Recipes

Summer is the perfect season to eat green and fresh, so we want to inspire some recipes to eat with our Charol Menta and continue dancing. If you like avocados here you have the perfect recipes for summer. Avocado Humus Ingredients – A pot of boiled chickpeas, rinsed and drained – 2 medium avocados – 1 clove garlic – Juice and zest of a big, juicy lemon – 2 tablespoons olive oil – 1 tablespoon tahini (sesame paste) – A teaspoon of cumin – A pinch of... Continue reading

Little black dress

The little black dress is one of those items that we should always keep in the closet. They come in casual style for the day, and blacks perfect dresses for special occasions. This summer we want to combine our dresses with perfect Wonders sandals. Continue reading

Born in the U.S.A.

Here comes the  4th July. The United States celebrates the Independence Day, a national day that was transmitted to everyone. So, here is an ode to their flag, well known by Ralph Lauren, well known by many others. The perfect shoes to match this look are our sandals, the Petrol Jeans Oasis. Continue reading

Sense of humor

Here comes the sense of humor. Light, sunny and necessary. Now that the summer days are knocking on the doors, all we wonder is how to have enough sense of humor to face those small and big troubles of the holidays, like the flight delay, the traffic jam, the crowded beach or the oil slick on your favorite shirt. It’s not funny, so we laugh because we learned somewhere that chasing happiness includes the ability not to skip breakfast, exercise, investing in experiences, being thankful and wear... Continue reading

Tropical Summer

Finally comes the sun and the summer. That involves a more casual style. If you want to give a special style try to play with tropical accessories.The tropical style is funny and combines very well with fruit bracelets, funny prints and original accessories… Which is your favourite? Our most tropical ballerinas are these. Photos, Bimba y Lola, Uterqüe, Pedro del Hierro Continue reading

We go Wedding!

This is the perfect time to getting married. Many of you may have weddings during these weeks, so the questions arises: I have nothing to wear! So here is little inspiration and the perfect pair of shoes. – Mornings Weddings. You can choose a cocktail dress for mornings weddings or either our nude sandals Diamant/moon, available in our e-shop. – Afternoon Weddings: Wear a long dress or long pants with a body. Choose the perfect shoes to drees within! We like a lot this style, also available in our... Continue reading

A pair of shoes, two styles

The crabeater and flatforms sandals are the perfect style for our feet this summer. We have the perfect model sandals in Wonders, it’s a mix of styles between crabeater and flatforms sandals. You can find our Gartes Geranio sandals here. You can copy both of styles, for the beach with crabeater sandals and for the night with faltforms sandals. – Looks for the beach with crabeater sandals – Looks for the night with flatforms sandals Continue reading

Patent & lemon

Yellow. A color we like like to see in others but are afraid to wear ourselves. Every spring we see some clothes and different accessories in yellow. Now it’s time to take off our fears and dare to it! At wonders we have the perfect touch of color to our feet in a pretty patent leather ballerina, what do you think? Photos, vogue, collage vintage… Continue reading


DIY Flowers Crowns

Mayo es el mes de las flores y las bodas. Por eso, hoy en el blog te contamos cómo hacer tu propia corona de flores. Necesitarás flores de seda,  cinta de flores, un alambre delgado y una base floral para conectar la corona. Kelli Murray te cuenta paso a paso cómo hacerlo en este gráfico que hemos extraído de su blog. Nos gusta combinadas con este modelo de la nueva colección…   Aquí, más ideas para tus coronas de flores. DIY Continue reading

Flared trousers, ¡Yes!

Flared trousers has become, it’s time to look for closets those old pants. We’re going to wear in jeans, in black and white, with boots or sandals, shirts or T-shirts, any style and combination is perfect. Photos | Viva Luxury, We wore what, Collage vintage, Gtres, A trendy Life Continue reading

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