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Fall Color Trends

Autumn colors are often those found in seasonal landscapes with these carpets of leaves. Brown, ocher, green and gray invade the streets and fashion trends. These colors are always a safe bet, but… please don´t miss this selection of seasonal shades. 1.  KETCHUP COLOR    E-4501 Cachemire Savage Rubino 2. ROYAL BLUE A-3126 Sumatra Noche 3.BRONZE G-4001 Charol Testa-Marrón-Vino 4. DEEP GREEN H-2063 Sumatra Pino Elast Negro 5. ALWAYS B&W A-3406 Cuba Negro Continue reading

A pair of shoes, two looks

Track soles are one of the must this season. You can wear them with oversize clothes and a masculine style. Our favorite are these Wonders shoes. Here are some looks designed for you. - Teenagers Look, girls who want to be the most fashion 1. Boyfriend or mum trousers, big and broken. 2. The shorter denim or leather skirts. - Look mature and less casual. 1. Long pants with shirts and oversized blazer. 2. Midi skirts or midi dresses. Do you want to see our brand new collection?... Continue reading

A pair of shoes, two looks

A pair of shoes, two looks. These Wonders are perfect for the summertime, and today we are combine them with a polka dots print, another must for the season. Two styles, shirts or trousers, two different looks. What’s your favorite? 1. Shirts with polka dots print. 2. Trousers with polka dots print. Continue reading

A pair of shoes, two looks

Wedding season. Friends get married and it’s time to go in search for the total look. Short dress or long dress? This is the eternal question. These shoes are perfect for both styles and for any dress you want to wear. 1. Shorts and vaporous dresses for morning weddings. 2. Long dresses for night weddings.David Christian, Boüret, A trendy Life, Dolores Promesas. Continue reading

#extra-ordinary moment

Friday It’s here! The Wonders´s blog wants to celebre it! Nothing better than a #extraordinary moment! Today we dedicate this post to mothers and daughters. For those that begin to take their first steps choosing their own fashion, we present you our new and colorful bellerina designed by Lucia Be for Wonders. They are really cool and comfortable. More about our #extra-ordinary project here. Happy weekend! Continue reading

A pair of shoes, two looks

Navy style is back, so we would like to propose your some differents styles with the same pair of  Wonders moccasins. 1. Take a pair of trousers, short or long, comfortable for all day. 2. Skirt, if we want wear something preppy.Photos , Collage Vintage, Mi armario en Ruinas, Fashionvibe Continue reading

A pair of shoes, a look

The good weather is coming and it´s the perfect time for to wear sandals. My favorite are those Wonders sandals, they are perfect for any occasion and very suitable. By day, you can wear them with jeans and shirts. At night, they look gorgeous with white dresses and handbags. Do you want to have them? Photos, Collagevintage, Mydailystyle, Bartabac Continue reading

A pair of shoes, one look

Who is not thinking about the summer? I want to wear sandals now! For a couple of summers, we’ve being wearing crabeater fashion sandals, in many forms and colors. This summer, it looks like it’s going to be the year of the crabeater’s. We are beginning to see some looks with pants, stockings, dresses … you can combine them with everything. Our favorite sandals from the new Wonders collection are these, and you can get them here. Fotos, Collage Vintage, BeHepburn, Share a Secret a Mag Continue reading

A pair of shoes, one look: Lucia Be

The perfect style for our Limited Edition of ballerinas designed by Lucia Be. Delicate and fine, funny and sweet, did you get them yet? Baby Doll dresses to combine our ballerinas. Photos, styleinlima, bobbieaustinscloset, mi armario en ruinas, a trendy life. Continue reading

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