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Veronika Heilbrunner’s style

Veronika Heilbrunner’s style is a delightful cocktail of relaxed femininity, subtle sexuality and playful athleticism. She is the Style editor at Harper’s Bazaar Germany. It’s never a surprise to spot her in the latest designer’s look, dressed with a pair of trainers or combat boots. And while her outfits are altogether inspiring, her execution leaves a feeling of completely effortless and attainabl elegance. She would wear a pair of Wonders, she will choose these. Continue reading

Biker Girl

“With four pairs of shoes I can go around the world” Coco Chanel Comfortable and fashionable are the booties of our latest collection called #nowyouzipme. Zippers and small details will give you a touch of rock and roll. A biker style jacket and a pair of booties in  black leather with wild textures are the perfect combination. Try it during the day for work with pants and a bsic shirt or during the evening with a dress. Here you are some tips to getteh perfect biker... Continue reading

A pair of shoes, two styles

The new collection includes beautiful  boots for this Fall / Winter, zipper and fur faux classic boots, both flat or heeled. What is your favorite style? - Teenager’ Look: For those who want to look fashionable. 1. Jeans, boots and oversize jumpers. 2. Short denim or skirts. - A more mature look, less casual. 1. Long pants with shirts and trenches. 2. Midi skirts or midi dresses. Do you want to see our brand new collection? Click the picture below or enter here. Continue reading

Now you zip me

A zipper unites his ankle to the brand new Monday. Gone are the weekend, the family dinner, the long sleep and an afternoon with the kids outside. The cold has come, finally. The cold also brought the lipbalm, the cap in the bag, the tights and your favorite boots. Fresh from a red box that contains something sweeter than chocolate, she likes the smell of leather, the suede feeling, the pore. There is something sexy indeed in the art of dressing, specially when it’s new.... Continue reading

10 ankle boots 10 looks

Hello winter! This season,  ankle boots are a must. In all their versions, lengths, colors and textures, you can wear them all day long. Today we chose 10 different styles to combine with 10 different looks. Which one do you prefer? Click to view the gallery. Hoy elegimos 10 botines y 10 looks diferentes. ¿Con cuál te quedas? Pincha para ver la galería. All #youaresocool wonders collection > here. Photos source: Pinterest style.com Continue reading

Trend: Wild West

 The ethnic style is characterized by the use of geometric shapes and colorful prints inspired by earth tones. The fringes are also quite important in this style. This trend also called “boho-chic” picks up inspiration from old times, traveling and handcrafted garments associated with some tribes. Wild West with its overlays clothing, coats, boots and accessories have inspired many fashion houses. It also inspires us. Wonders Today we share inspiration and we propose some models of boots.     Continue reading

Trends & comfort

Fashion and comfort are the components of one of the most popular trends. Sporty-chic is a global trend that too many coolhunters announce and match two disparate worlds like sport and luxury. Sice it has appeared in Haute Couture… it has revolutionized the streets. Sweatshirts, t-shirts cotton spacious, sporty shoes, boyfriend hats … What do you think about  this trend? pics source: style.com Continue reading

Autumn Hairstyles

This year has been the year of the braids. We’ve seen styles and different tastes and colors, and it looks like autumn will continue celebrating them. For braids, these hairstyles are the most spectacular and practical. Here some photos of Marieta HairStyle, a famous hairdresser. Low bows parted in the middle are another one of those hairstyles that will like this fall, easy to make and elegant at the same time. Some ideas to practice at home, here. Continue reading

A pair of shoes, two styles

The blucher and boots are a basic every year. Have you ever thought how to combine them?  This year, we like the military style. Our favorite are these Wonders shoes. Here are some looks designed for you. - Teenagers Look, girls who want to be the most fashion 1. Military Style, long jeans, basic tees and green overshirt. 2. Shorts or mini skirts with green or military jackets. - Look mature and less casual. 1. Green cloth crossed American military style. 2. American military green and black pants. Do you want to see... Continue reading

Fall Color Trends

Autumn colors are often those found in seasonal landscapes with these carpets of leaves. Brown, ocher, green and gray invade the streets and fashion trends. These colors are always a safe bet, but… please don´t miss this selection of seasonal shades. 1.  KETCHUP COLOR    E-4501 Cachemire Savage Rubino 2. ROYAL BLUE A-3126 Sumatra Noche 3.BRONZE G-4001 Charol Testa-Marrón-Vino 4. DEEP GREEN H-2063 Sumatra Pino Elast Negro 5. ALWAYS B&W A-3406 Cuba Negro Continue reading

A pair of shoes, two looks

Track soles are one of the must this season. You can wear them with oversize clothes and a masculine style. Our favorite are these Wonders shoes. Here are some looks designed for you. - Teenagers Look, girls who want to be the most fashion 1. Boyfriend or mum trousers, big and broken. 2. The shorter denim or leather skirts. - Look mature and less casual. 1. Long pants with shirts and oversized blazer. 2. Midi skirts or midi dresses. Do you want to see our brand new collection?... Continue reading

A pair of shoes, two looks

A pair of shoes, two looks. These Wonders are perfect for the summertime, and today we are combine them with a polka dots print, another must for the season. Two styles, shirts or trousers, two different looks. What’s your favorite? 1. Shirts with polka dots print. 2. Trousers with polka dots print. Continue reading

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